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Our Team

Carol Crowder

Those that choose a life of military service know they are signing up for the road few are willing to travel and I'm deeply grateful for the commitment they make to our country. I'm very blessed to work with many military personnel in my career and I love helping our service members in any way I can. I'm extremely proud to be an Air Force wife and a Navy mom. My ``Mama's`` heart is always with our troops. It is an honor to assist the men and women who sacrifice so much for our great nation!

Kelly Waggoner

A Proud Air Force brat, Kelly enjoyed growing up all over the country. Now as a mother of two little girls, she has gained a greater appreciation for the sacrifice both her parent's made while her dad was deployed, leaving her mom to take on the demanding responsibility of parenting alone. Kelly is honored to give her time to serve those who serve our country as well as their families who make significant sacrifices.

Annie Manderscheid

Annie Manderscheid is a native Las Vegan that has a special connection and appreciation for US military service men and women, as well as person(s) of disabilities.
With the recent loss of her father, Gib Manderscheid, she wanted to honor her Dad, as well as many family members, who have also served in the military, by giving back to the local veteran community. Side By Side Veterans is a perfect match for Annie.
Having a disability of hearing impairment and a deep love of dogs, this organization combines her passions and provides her the ability to support both veterans and dogs in need. Annie is a proud fur baby mother of two and the ``cool`` Aunt of four nieces and one nephew. She enjoys the outdoors, the arts and loves and adores time spent with her family and friends.

Rebecca Corry Waggoner

Growing up with stories of the family Medal of Honor recipient, William Merrill Corry, Jr. (Navy, WWI) and her mother’s harrowing experiences as a child in London during WWII, Rebecca appreciates the heroes that serve our country in the cause of freedom and the sacrifices made by their families and loved ones. To give back, she brings 30 years of experience in event planning and community organization to Side by Side Veterans.

Kristi Pritchett


Annie Waggoner

A former publicist, Annie handles media for Side by Side Veterans